For thirty years now, I have dealt with sustainable development, ever since the idea was introduced in the Brundtland Report, published in 1987. The concept of sustainable development focused the world’s attention on finding strategies to promote economic and social advancement in ways that fights climate change, environmental degradation, over-exploitation and pollution.

With the UN's adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (the SDG’s), sustainable development has been much more precisely defined, made operational and measurable.

Together with the SDG Compass, the society now have the tools and know-how to make the SDG’s a key element in sustainability strategies on all levels, from governments to private companies and the individual human being.



Name: Leif Sønderberg Petersen


Nationality: Danish


Profession: MSc, Energy and Environmental Journalist


Position: Sustainability Expert, GOAL:SUSTAIN

Education: Masters’ degree in Natural Science from University of Copenhagen, 1976.

Thesis in Natural Science Didactics, Aarhus University, Department of Education, DPU, 1976.



Present: Sustainability Expert, GOAL:SUSTAIN


2016 - 2017:

Senior Executive Sustainable Energy Officer, DTU Office for Innovation and Sector Services

2012 - 2017:

Secretary-General, World Energy Council – Denmark

2012 - 2016:

Senior Executive Officer, international outreach and communication, DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy

2005 – 2011:
Chief Consultant, international outreach and communication, Risø National 
Laboratory for Sustainable Energy

1988 – 2005:

Head of Communication, Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy

1986 – 1988:

Head of Communication Department, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

1981 – 1986:

Communication officer, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

1980 - 1981:

Secretary, the Danish Public Organisation for Sustainable Energy

1977 – 1980:

Postgraduate fellow, Aarhus University, Department of Education (DPU).  (Development of teaching resources in the biogeochemical carbon cycle and environmental chemistry)

1970 – 1977:

Teacher, High Schools, Danish School of Education and Jonstrup college of education



Secretary-General, World Energy Council, Danish National Committee (2011 - 2017)


Reviewer, several IPCC Reports

External examiner in communication science, Roskilde University and University of Copenhagen (until 2021)

Member of the Board, Danish Science Journalist’s Association (1995 – 1998)

Member of the Board, European Union of Science Journalists' Associations (1995 – 1998)